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Derek Best with child

I am a family man, coder, designer, musician and all around lover of life. I have been designing and developing web pages for 13 years.

Career Path

My interest in the internet and World Wide Web started about 15 years ago, when the WWW was just getting started. At the time I was studying Film and Media at the University of Utah. The power to communicate with pictures, whether in films or painted lines on a computer screen, has always fascinated me; movies can create a profound emotional and intellectual effect. With proper focus and direction, a web page can elicit a similar reaction. In film you have a narrative driven by character, plot and theme, all things that contribute to the stream of information delivered by way of a 2-dimensional representation of reality. Film, just like in written forms of communication, relies on language; the language of film. Good films are read. Not necessarily in the form of subtitles, but a language comprehend by way of the images that flash at 24 frames per second on the screen. It was the language of the film that I found myself most interested in and how narratives are comprehended.

A web page delivers its own narrative, or information, in a different fashion. Instead of cameras and actors, directors and editors, the web relies on coders and graphic artists. Code, the language behind the web page, can come in many different flavors. And it was the code, much like film language, that fascinated me the most. The visual part of a web page, what the user interacts with, is what inspired me to learn about the language of the web.

I graduated from Utah with a BA and moved to San Diego where my wife pursued a Masters Degree in Counseling and I took some courses in web development at San Diego State University. Since then, I have worked at small start-up companies and government agencies, designing and coding. Web technology has changed and matured since I started, but I am still fascinated with what can be accomplished with some lines of code and a handful of images.


In the course of my career I have used a combination of technologies for front end development:

Experience Level

  • Expert
    Section 508
    Browser Compatibility
    Google APIs
    Adobe Creative Suite
  • Mid-Level
    Flash (AS)
  • Some



I enjoy spending quality time with the family - watch movies, read books and rough house with the boys. After family duties I like to play the guitar, record music, watch sports and play video games.